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How to Design a Unique Wedding Cake: Tips for Designing the Perfect Wedding Dessert

Many brides dream of a traditional wedding cake with white cake, white frosting and flowers on top. Others would prefer something that is more unique, but just don’t know where to begin. These tips can help the bride and groom match the dessert to their own sense of style and personality.

Match the Wedding Colors and Theme

The easiest place to start with wedding cake design is to look at the wedding colors and theme. An Asian-themed wedding might use cherry blossoms as a decorative element, while a spring wedding might use icing in shades of green. Include the couple’s monogram or logo into the design for a more personalized feel. Even simple designs from the bride’s wedding gown will help tie together all of the elements of the day.

Choose Fun Cake Flavors

There is no reason a wedding cake has to be vanilla with white frosting. Bakeries can make some amazing combinations of cake flavors and frostings. Imagine a chocolate cake drizzled with a coffee liqueur and filled with caramel butter cream frosting. Or, maybe a white cake filled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Make sure the bakery does a cake tasting for the bride and groom. It is a perfect (and delicious) way to get a sense of some of the creative possibilities.

Go Off Kilter

If the bride and the groom are a quirky couple, the cake should be quirky, too. Bored with round and square cakes? Ask the bakery if they can do custom shapes, such as cars, animals or favorite landmarks. It will cost a bit more, but guests will be wowed by a cake version of the wedding proposal or first date.

Add a Touch of Whimsy to the Wedding

Perhaps a sculptured cake is out of the budget or not the right style. There are still ways to decorate a cake that add something unique. How about cake that looks like it’s made out of lace? Or one that is decorated with gumballs? Whether the cake colors end up in a bold pink and red, or there are some subtle design elements, wedding guests will enjoy seeing something a just a little bit different.

Two Wedding Cakes are Better than One

If the couple can’t quite agree on design or flavor, this is one place they don’t have to compromise. Have two cakes. Many weddings, particularly in the South, have a Groom’s Cake as well as a traditional wedding cake. It’s a chance for the groom to show off his style, interests and hobbies. If that’s still not enough variety, consider using cakes as centerpieces on each table. With a cost that is equivalent to or even less than decorating with flowers, the couple can include a wide enough variety of cake flavors to please everyone. Make sure to encourage guests to swap slices between tables!

Everybody Loves a Wedding Cupcake

If the centerpieces have already been chosen, but the couple still can’t decide on just one flavor, cupcakes are a big trend in wedding cakes. Stylishly decorated, cupcakes are always a lot of fun. They can be displayed as a cupcake tower, as a cupcake mural (the cupcakes are laid out and decorated as if they are one large cake), or even as part of the centerpiece.

No Cake is Good Cake

Not everyone likes cake. If the bride and the groom prefer cookies, pies, pudding or some other dessert, go with that instead. They made need to be a bit creative if they’d like to do a “cake cutting,” but that’s all part of the fun. Besides, how many guests will complain at having a chocolate éclair or strawberry shortcake for dessert?

With so many options, there is just no excuse for a boring wedding cake. So, go on out there and start designing!