Ways to Earn Money From a Hobby: Making Money From Hobbies Can Be a Useful Income Stream

There are many different hobbies, from birdwatching to metal detecting with much in between. Hobbies can vary from a vague interest, through to an all consuming passion. One common feature of a hobby, however is that it is likely to cost money. Whether the hobby requires expensive equipment, costly supplies, or simply a few magazines or publications to keep up to date with latest developments there is often a cost involved. Making a few dollars from a hobby is a useful aspiration. This is a great way to fund a hobby and provide enough money for new supplies and is also potentially the first step on a career.

There are many ways of earning money from your hobby and these include:

Selling Unwanted Magazines, Books and Other Supplies

Thanks to websites such as eBay and Craigslist, there is a huge market place for specialist supplies. Whereas at one time a few old magazines would have had no value, today with the opportunity to sell to the whole world, those old magazines that have been cluttering up the cupboard may well turn out to have a value. Even if the value is very small, this is still a bit of extra money that can be put towards ya hobby.

Speaking and Lecturing Engagements

Many clubs and organizations actively seek speakers to talk on a whole range of subjects and these groups will often pay for time and expenses. These include specialist groups or perhaps just associations of like minded people who put on regular activities for its members. Although public speaking isn’t for everyone, most experienced speakers will confirm that it is so much easier to engage an audience when talking about a subject that someone is passionate about, as this enthusiasm shines through. A good way to gain experience of talking about a hobby is to volunteer to talk at hospitals, church groups, residential homes and other organizations.

Run Classes

Running regular classes can be hard work, but it can also be financially rewarding. Many enthusiasts run classes and workshops and find the combined benefit of an income plus the sharing of knowledge with other people extremely beneficial. The Internet has also opened up the opportunity for running online classes and workshops. This is becoming increasingly popular and online workshops and classes can be found on a wide variety of subjects.

Tours and Excursions

Many specialist tours and excursions have experts as part of the team. A bird watching tour, for instance may have an expert birder to talk to and help the guests, or a local history excursion may want someone who is an authority on the subject to help. This type of assignment can vary from a couple of hours locally through to an all expenses paid cruise!


A great way to make some money from a hobby is to write about it. There is a large market place for well written articles including specialist magazines, websites, books and ‘new generation’ publishing opportunities such as e-books.

Making money from a hobby isn’t always important, as the satisfaction of learning and getting engrossed in a subject is often reward in its self. There is no doubt, however, that a bit of extra money is always useful!

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