Antique Doll Collecting is a Fun Hobby

Antique doll collecting is a hobby for women of any age. The pastime of collecting dolls, is centuries old. Grandparents and great grandparents have passed down their favorite dolls from one generation to another. Little girls the world over have kept these collections so they can be passed down to their future daughters. But doll collecting is not just a generational pastime. The art of doll collecting has been taken up by collectors of all ages and nationalities.

The joy of doll collecting comes with many questions. These questions concern such things as the expense of this hobby, how to take care of a broken doll, buying and selling, where to find accessories and the advantage of doll clubs. The following paragraphs will briefly discuss some of these issues.

The Fun of Collecting

As a doll collector, the fun of collecting is the sight of all those beautiful dolls gracefully displayed in their proper spot. With this economic climate it can be difficult to amass more dolls. However, there are other ways to continue to enjoy this pastime even on a budget. Rearrange them according to dress color, age or nationality. Find a new place to display them or sew new outfits for them. Any of these ideas will lend a new atmosphere to the collection.

Instead of purchasing a whole new doll, consider the purchase of a little something to brighten up the outfit. The addition of a belt or bangle can rejuvenate any dress. A new pair of shoes or boots or perhaps a different type of wig can go a long way to revitalize any collection without breaking the bank. Another tip for securing a new doll without paying full price, is to search for a doll that needs a little tender loving care. An all-original vintage or antique doll in perfect condition, will cost you a tidy sum. Re-creating a doll that has seen better days, will fulfill any creative urge. Cleaning, redressing, adding some ribbon or fixing some minor repairs, could bring a real bargain on a vintage antique.

Locating Help

A slow economy can be a buyers market. Web sites like ‘e Bay’ will have fantastic, below market values. Those who peruse the web with ease, will find sites where dolls are categorized for convenience. The following websites may help you decipher the terms, obstacles and challenges of the hobby:,,


Belonging to a collectors doll club can also help find new dolls at a lower price. Often members who are tired of some of their dolls, will be willing to swap for one they like better. Creating equal values in the swap may mean a little creative bargaining. But that is just part of the fun.

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