Making a Gardening Scrapbook

Materials Needed:

  • 3×5 small blank scrapbook
  • Black Card Stock (or any color will be fine)
  • Variety of pattern scrapbook papers (with some kind of gardening theme)
  • Gardening Themed buttons,beads,stickers, and more
  • Sticker Letters (optional)
  • Regular and Decorative Scissors
  • Craft knife
  • Archival Pens, and Markers
  • Archival Glue Stick, Tape,or any adhesive

This is a great way to get rid of those scraps from your other scrapbook or card making projects, so start going through all of those scrap drawers or boxes, and let’s get crafting.

Decorating the Front and Back Covers of your Gardening Scrapbook:

If you small scrapbook has a spiral hinged you will need to first remove the front and back cover, by carefully separating the spiral to remove these two pieces. Next you will want to pick out from your scrapbook papers your main color, this will be for your front and back covers only. Measure this paper a little larger then the front cover, so the edges can be folded over the edges. Glue this colored paper to the front of the cover, now with your regular scissors, cut a small slit on all four corners, this will make it so you can fold over the flaps and glue them to the back side of the front cover. Choose a pattern paper or the same colored paper, and cut it slightly smaller then the inside of the cover, you can use your decorative scissors to do this, and glue this paper to the inside of the cover, doing this will help cover up the flaps on the inside. You will need to repeat these steps for the back cover as well. Next take one of your floral paper scraps and place this over the end where the spirals go, and over lapping to the back side. Then using either your scissors or and craft knife, carefully poke the holes where the spiral will go back into, please do not skip this step. Repeat this step for the back cover as well.

Now is the time to get creative, go through your papers, buttons, threads (fibers), and beads, and choose your favorites for the front of the cover. For example, you might choose to use, a blue marbled paper, and with my regular scissors cut it into a tag shape. Next, you might tare off the end to revel the white inside of the paper, to get this effect you need to tare the paper, towards you. Then string a black thread (fiber) through the hole, knotting it into place. You can use any found, images of flowers flowers on them, just make sure they are archival safe, To give this image a warn look, simply carefully tare around the image, glued this to the center of the blue marble tag, slightly off center, more pleasing to the eyes.

Now, you can used some of the left over letter stickers, from other projects, and gave this book a title, (ex. Marla’s Garden), and date. You can use some stickers that look like flowers, but maybe they have letters in the center that you did like, then simply go through your button collection, and find two buttons, that will fit the center of the flower. Place a cute dragonfly sticker on the front cover headed towards the wheel barrel with flowers. To add that special touch I took my black archival pen, and traced around each object, and wrote words, like artistic,butterflies,flowers, etc… just to let people know just what may be inside of this book this was done to just the front cover of this gardening scrapbook. Just be creative that is what this project is all about. For the back cover you can add small decorations, and a journal tag, with your name and the date that you created this scrapbook. Now that you have your front cover and the back cover all decorated you will need to reassemble the book, the same way you took it apart. Just make sure that the covers are not upside down, or facing in the wrong direction.

Now on the first page of the gardening scrapbook, you can use this to tell your views more of what they will find in this scrapbook. Let them know they will find photo’s of your garden, tips on what worked and didn’t work, and your ideas for the next gardening season. Remember to sign your name and date the page, s when your grandchildren look through this gardening scrapbook, they will know who wrote it and when. You may also decorated this page with a little sunflower sticker, and a flat flower button, to the lower right hand corner.

Let’s Design Your First Pages:

Next Marla, will show you how to design a double page layout, in your gardening scrapbook. A double page layout, is when you use the back side of one page, and the front of the other in order to tell your story. This is a simple design your pages, no fancy tricks were used, while designing this layout.

First you will need to get you black card stock and cut this slightly smaller than the page, you will do this for each page of the layout. On the backside of the front page, glue the piece of black card stock. Now pick out some decorative scrapbook papers, from your supply, these will be used for your journal tags. To make this step easier, write your information on the tags, and then cut them into smaller squares, and rectangles using your decorative or regular scissors. Example of what to do with these journal squares, are stamping and image of a butterfly and coloring it in, or write the name of the flower, when you purchased it, or if it was a gift. Also include on if you liked this plant and if not why. These little journal tags are great for placing the date on, and so on. You will glue at least two of these journal tags, to the black card stock covering the backside of the front page.

Next, choose two of your favorite photo’s taken, from your garden, and include some of your garden art pieces as well. You can cut around your photo’s, using either your regular or decorative scissors, making sure to cut around the flower bloom, or garden art, to better enhance the image we are focusing on. You don’t have to use the whole photo, this will take up to much room on the page. Glue these at a slight angle on the second piece of black cards stock we cut out earlier. Do not glue to the scrapbook yet, we still have a few more things to do first.

Now, we will be stringing some beads, these beads need to be mostly flat, so you will be able to close your book later. The simple way of stringing beads is, to leave at least a five inch tail and make your first knot, making sure it is large enough for the bead to not slide off. Place your first bead on the string, then make another large knot just above this bead, this will hold your bead in place. Do this for five more beads, and leave another 5 inch tail. Now lay this bead work over the front of your scrapbook page, run it in the middle with a slight bend, using archival tape, tape the tails to the backside of the black card stock. Now we can glue the black card stock page that we just decorated, to the front of the page that is facing up in the scrapbook. To better hold your beads in place put a small dot of glue on the backside of each one. Now using your left over journal tags, write the name of the flowers on one, the date on one, and then name of the garden art on the other. Glue these on to this page, in between the photo’s and beads.

Finishing Up:

Now that you have two pages finished in your gardening scrapbook, you will need to clean up your work area, and then start planning your next pages. Continue filling up this little book with all of your beautiful blooms, tips, art, and more, so next year you will know where to start improving your garden. Remember to keep the gardening scrapbooks going so you will be able to look through them in the dead of winter, and relive the wonders that grow in your yard.

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