Day: March 1, 2020

Audi A5 Review – Winter Driving

The Audi A5 coupe comes in an all wheel drive version that can handle winter weather conditions. Audi has made a car capable of driving in snow and ice.

The Audi A5 is a 2-door sports coupe that is designed to achieve both stylish luxury and high performance. Buying into the hype, this writer purchased a fully loaded pitch black A5 in the early part of 2010. In contrast to most car articles that list performance specs, options and technical data, this is a true story of how the Audi A5 performed in some of the worst driving conditions this writer has ever seen.

Audi Dealership

There is always some aspect of apprehension when purchasing a new car, especially when switching to a new automaker. As many people already know, the feelings when purchasing a new can fluctuate between excitement, anxiety, doubt, and skepticism.

One recommendation is to find a dealership and sales associate that you are comfortable working with. The dealership where my car was purchased was not the first Audi dealership I visited and I did not even begin the buying process until I found a sales associate I was comfortable with. In a strange way, when you meet the right sales associate, you just know. If there is any doubt, they are not the right one for you.


As with any major purchase, there is a negotiating and bargaining process that is to be expected. Did I believe I got away with some great steal? Probably not. Did I think the dealership made some pretty good money off my purchase? Probably. Do I believe that I received a good deal and a great car? Absolutely. Of course I checked, filtering through endless forums for prices being paid by consumers across the country, before even stepping foot into a dealership.

Audi A5

Like most people, I do not proclaim to be an automobile expert, but I can appreciate a nice car. When initially purchasing the A5, I’ll admit I was drawn to the flashy day running lights that are so obviously emphasized in the commercials. However, I also knew that I wanted a coupe, and that it absolutely had to be all wheel drive. Fortunately, the A5 is available in an all wheel drive version.

Winter Driving

Growing up in the Midwest, I learned to respect winter weather while driving. Of course this lesson was only learned after multiple accidents. From personal experience, front wheel drive cars tend to do fairly well provided the driver uses common sense and safe driving practices. However, I will admit that every time it snowed or rained in the wintertime, getting into a rear wheel drive car felt like stepping into a death trap.

I cannot count the number of times my rear wheel drive car seemed to slip right out from under me, in what appeared to be clear conditions, except for maybe a little snow and ice. I have vowed never to purchase a rear wheel drive car again, so long as I live in an area that receives significant amounts of snowfall.

How the Audi A5 Handles in the Winter

On the night of November 20th 2010, rain started to drizzle down on the twin cities. By the early morning hours of November 21st, the rain had become a sheet of ice covering almost every hard surface. Unfortunately, I had gone out earlier in the evening when the weather was still clear. I remember walking on the sidewalk was nearly impossible, managing only a few steps before slipping and sliding. I remember thinking to myself that driving home was going to be an ordeal. In normal conditions, it may take me 15 minutes to drive home from where I was that night. Although it ended up taking upwards of 2 hours, I fared much better than most people.

According to the Savage Pacer News Site, there were 438 reported crashes on roads throughout the state. Please keep in mind that all these occurred within a timeframe of a few hours. I can only describe what I saw, which were 5 to 7 car pileups, countless scattered accidents, cars pulled over on the side of the road, and semi trucks as well as city busses stopped in their tracks.

Numerous exit ramps onto interstates were completely blocked off. The ice did not discriminate by make or model, as both compact cars and SUV’s slid off the road. I can only assume that most of the drivers were not driving recklessly and were even cautious due to the weather conditions.

Aside from the occasional slip when braking, the A5 was able to handle roads too icy for people to walk on. Although I had initial apprehensions about my decision to purchase the Audi A5, I knew I made the right decision as I drove past countless accidents. I know I am not an expert on cars nor am I a car salesman.

All I know is that I got home safe that night.